Criminal and Justice Procedure Dept.: Blended Learning to support Lectures, Tutorials and Assessment

Lecturers, Muneer Abduroaf and Karin Chinnian-Kester are currently co-lecturing in a year module for their 2nd year students. During the first semester these lecturers and tutors made use of the iKamva platform to supplement their teaching practices for lectures, tutorials and assessment.


A structured online environment was created for students to access from various geographical locations to support face-to-face class and tutorial activities. The following eTools were used: Course ResourcesTests & Quizzes and Announcements.


The students are able to access and retrieve resources, structured into main sections, namely Assignment, Course Outline, Topics and Cases.  These main sections also include lecture notes, readings and instructions (assisting with completion of assignments and tests). Students are also able to engage with these documents, offline, via various mobile devices – in order to prepare for assessments; as well as reflect on lectures and tutorial exercises.


Two (2) formative online tests were setup, which included 15 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) on various Cases and Acts.  The questions were designed in order to test students’ understanding of specific cases. It should be noted that 368 students completed the tests.


The Announcements eTool is used by the lecturers and tutors to convey information related to the preparation of tutorials, tests, assignments and lectures. Students received the scope and guidelines of tests, tutorial readings and notices via the announcements which are directly linked to their Gmail accounts.


The lecturers, tutors and students will continue to make use of the online environment during the second semester.


Contact the CIECT Team to create a blended learning environment which supports your teaching, learning and assessment practices.

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