Department of Public Law and Jurisprudence: Structured lecture and assessment resources in an online environment

Lecturer Angelo Dube has created an interactive blended learning space to prepare his 4th year students for face-to-face lectures and assessment. The lecturer has made use of the “Course Resources” and “Tests & Quizzes” eTools with the aim of supporting students in the assimilation of course content.


Preparing students for assessment purposes: The lecturer has created the following online support space within the iKamva platform.


Online structured assessment space:

The students are provided with assessment resources which include:

– Previous years’ test memorandums

– Assignment guides

– Referencing and style guides

– Class activities.


Online structured weekly lecture resources:  The structured environment enables students to engage with the weekly content which includes slides, readings and content related to focus areas. These areas include topics such as: Constitutionalism, Electoral Processes, Traditional Courts andInternational Frameworks.


Online Tests & Quizzes: Three (3) tests were published which included True-and-False and Multiple Choice Question (MCQ’s) types. These formative assessments were designed to evaluate and monitor students’ progress and understanding of course content.


Contact the CIECT Team to create a blended teaching-and-learning environment which supports your teaching practices.

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