Mercantile & Labor Law Department: eTools to Support Learning, Teaching and Assessment Practices

The Mercantile and Labor Law Department has engaged in the use of various eTools for teaching, learning; and assessment purposes – within the iKamva platform.


Lecturers support their traditional practices; and prepare students for summative and formative assessments; by making use of eTools such as “Tests & Quizzes”, “Assignments” and “Course Resources”.


Lecturers, Fareed Moosa and Jeannine Van De Rheede have utilised various question types within the “Tests & Quizzes” eTool. These included True-and-FalseMultiple Choice Questions (MCQ’s) and short answer/essay question types to assess students’ knowledge and understanding of content covered in face-to-face lectures.  In addition, Ms. Van De Rheede used question pools which were organised according to question types and allowed for question randomisation (i.e. for each student).


Furthermore, Yvette Basson set-up an online test using the “Assignments” eTool. Students were required to submit their answers on iKamva, using either a Word document or direct “in-line” submission (entering text online). The test was available for two hours and included a critical discussion and a case study. Students received feedback online which included their grade/mark and comments from the lecturer.


The “Course Resources” eTool was also used by all these lecturers to distribute learning material which included lecture slides, course outline, practice questions, readings and articles.


The implementation of these eTools contributes to an interactive blended learning environment and enables students to assimilate course content and prepare for examinations.  Contact the CIECT Team to create a blended teaching-and-learning environment which supports your teaching practices.

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