EED Tutors and Students: Use of eTools for lectures, tutorials, tests and exams

Lecturer, Jacolien Volschenk [English for Educational Development (EED)] recently contacted the CIECT team to create a customised eTools workshop for tutors and students. A hands-on training session was conducted, regarding the use of various eTools to supplement the face-to-face lectures and tutorials.


Functionalities within Microsoft Word, ‘Google Drive’, ‘iKamva platform’; and ‘Turnitin (Tii)’ – were explored:

  1. The ‘Track changes’ functionality within Microsoft Word was used to enable the tutors to provide appropriate feedback for assignments. The specific assignment, including the feedback, is returned to a student – in order for the student to improve accordingly.
  2. Google Drive’ enabled students to see the benefits of unlimited online storage and backups (for assignments and articles); collaborative writing; and remote access options to edit and retrieve online documents.
  3. Students were able to access and engage with course related materials within the ‘Course Resources eTool’, within iKamva. The learning material was carefully structured according to folders, namely: assignments, assignment checklists, article readings, lecture slides, as well as the test and exam scope.
  4. The ‘Turnitin (Tii) eTool’ was used for students to develop their academic writing. This eTool assisted with text similarity detection and referencing techniques, and further allows students to resubmit.


The selected eTools were used to supplement face-to-face lectures and tutorials for the completion of activities, assignments; and preparation for tests and examinations.


Contact the CIECT Team to create a blended teaching-and-learning environment which supports your teaching practices.

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