EMS Faculty: Face-to-face and Online Tutorials supplement class activities and examinations

Lecturer, Sarel Viljoen has made use of various eTools on iKamva to supplement his teaching methods for 1st year Information Systems (IFS) students. The module focuses on equipping students with basic skills and knowledge regarding computer hardware, software, databases, networks and types of Information Systems.

In this course, face-to-face lectures and tutorials are supported by the use of eTools, specifically, “Lessons” and “Tests & Quizzes”.

The “Lessons eTool” is divided into sections of Chapters, Tutorials and Assignments. The lecturer has integrated various digital media components (images, audio, pdf documents and PowerPoint slides) in order to support and reinforce concepts and topics taught. These digital media components accommodate a diversity of learning styleswhich could effectively contribute to students understanding of the course content. In addition, the lecturer uploaded readings and activities and students were expected to review these in preparation for their interactive face-to-face weekly tutorials.

Furthermore, two (2) ‘sit-down tests’ were written in relation to the content covered in lectures and tutorials. Hereafter, the memos for these tests were translated into different languages (Afrikaans and isiXhosa) and shared online with the students.

The lecturer also made use of the “Tests & Quizzes eTool” to enable students to complete an online tutorial activity. This activity included True-and-False and Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ’s), and could be accessed for a week for completion and submission. It should be noted that 575 students completed this online tutorial activity.

The implementation of these eTools contribute to a blended learning environment which enables students to effectively assimilate course content and prepare for examinations.

Contact the CIECT Team to create a blended teaching-and-learning environment which supports your teaching practices.

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