Education Faculty: Face-to-face lectures, online environment and eAssessments prepare students for examinations

Lecturer, Ayisha Gaffoor makes use of the iKamva platform to supplement her teaching practices for both 2nd and 3rd year Education students. The modules focus on Community and Psychology in Education as well as Learning and Development respectively. The aim of both modules is to develop the understanding of the theory and its practical application. Students are expected to identify the basic concepts of different learning theories and its application within the classroom.


Face-to-face lectures are conducted in order to engage with discipline specific topics. Within the iKamva platform, these class topics are supplemented with online course materials and related readings.


Online lecture presentations are shared with students prior to attending face-to-face sessions. It should be noted that this lecturer is not fearful of sharing her class presentations within the iKamva platform. This practice has not affected the class attendance, as the focus was on the design of the online activities. This design allows students to read and prepare in order to actively engage during the face-to-face lectures. Hereafter, students are expected to apply their theoretical knowledge during their online term test.


In addition, the lecturer makes use of the eAssessment tool to supplement the face-to face and online activities. The ‘Tests & Quizzes’ eTool is used to structure online term tests. These tests are divided into themes and topics, in the form of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). Question pools were created according to these themes; and randomised accordingly. It should be noted that this term test was open for two days and students had 15 minutes to complete and submit. The students could attempt the test twice and immediately received their scores.


Furthermore, during the face-to-face lectures (2nd year module) –  the concepts relating to the schools and the broader school community were discussed. Following, the structured online test focused on topics such as: systems theory, substance abuse, social psychology, social justice, social ecological framework, role of cp, racism and oppression, poverty, lay counselling and empowerment. The lecturer engaged in a similar design and related teaching practices for the 3rd year module.


Contact the CIECT Team to create a blended teaching-and-learning environment, which includes assessment activities.

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