Psychology 112: Class and online activities prepare students for examinations

Lecturers Thelma Fennie, Bronwyn Mthimunye and Nicolette Rae are jointly teaching the 1st year Psychology module, which focuses on the basis of human behaviour, including concepts such as Cognitive Psychology:  thinking, memory and language.

The lecturers made use of the ‘Course Resources eTool’ to structure weekly lectures and related homework and self-study exercises. The homework and self-study exercises entailed ‘MCQs and Short Answer Essay’ type questions for review and preparation purposes. The students were also able to complete these exercises at their own pace and received the answers at the end of each week. In addition, two specific chapters of a prescribed textbook was shared in relation to specific topics.

Furthermore, digital media components, specifically YouTube video clips were also shared in the face-to-face contact sessions; as well as online. These clips reinforced topics discussed in the lectures.

The class and online activities prepared the students for their formative assessments:

Term tests 1 and 2 were conducted online, making use of the ‘Tests and Quizzes’ eTool within iKamva. These tests focused on chapters including concepts such as:

–   Sensation and Perception, Thinking and Memory; and

–   Foundations of Psychology, Biological and Neuropsychology, the Nervous System.

The lecturers also assigned tutors to engage in face-to-face tutorials with first year students. These tutors were also expected to support and guide students within the online environment, specifically reinforcing discipline specific concepts.

Contact the CIECT Team to create a blended teaching-and-learning environment.

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