Nursing Department: Professionalism in Nursing – Online Formative and Summative Assessment Tasks

Lecturers, Portia Bimray and Magesh Naidoo of the Nursing Department (CHS) contacted the CIECT team in order to design and develop online assessment tasks. These were setup as two formative assessments, as well as a summative assessment (current June examination, making use of the ‘Tests & Quizzes’ eTool).

The question types selected, were ‘Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and Fill-in-the-blanks’. The topics related to Professionalism in Nursing and Development, included:

Test 1:
·         Philosophy in nursing,
·         Professionalism in nursing, and
·         Codes and conduct.

Test 2:
·         Professional development,
·         Adult learning within health care,
·         Change management,
·         Health care teaching environment, and
·         Mentoring.
The current online June examination is in progress and students will be assessed according to the module topics discussed in lectures; and related formative assessment tasks.

Contact the CIECT team to design and develop your online formative and summative assessment tasks – which supports your teaching practices.

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