Online Formative Assessments: Periodontology & Oral Medicine

Dr Dhaya of the Dentistry Faculty contacted the CIECT team in order to design and develop online assessment tasks. Various question types were set-up, including: ‘Survey, True-and-False, Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), and Fill-in-the-blanks’.

Firstly, the lecturer identified learner needs making use of MCQs to retrieve learner information related to access, time-frames, connectivity and resources. In addition question types (eTools) catered for the design of various assessment tasks, and included:
Smoking & Periodontal; & Gingival diseases: The student was expected to select a correct statement aligned to the course theme.
HHV: The student was expected to select appropriate statements, as there was more than one correct answer.
Histopathology of periodontal disease: The student was expected to verify claims (true/OR false).
Three major systemic modifiers: The student was expected to complete sentences and phrases.
Furthermore, the ‘Assignment’ eTool was set-up to design four (4) oral medical case studies. Students were able to engage in these cases within a specific time-frame (about 5 months). The assessments were placed online in advance and enabled students to plan and submit accordingly.

Moreover, the lecturer required feedback from the students with regards to the assessment tasks, making use of the survey type questionnaire: “The online test 1 assessment was of learning value to me for the better understanding of the specific course content being tested”.

Contact the CIECT team to design and develop your online formative and summative assessment tasks – which supports your teaching practices.

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