Law Faculty: Podcasts, eTutorials and collaborative Winter School Programme

The Faculty of Law is integrating blended and distance learning approaches to support and enhance teaching practices. Various departments in the Faculty have been in contact with the Centre for Innovative Education and Communication Technologies (CIECT) Team to discuss the effective use of eTools. Following, are exemplars of blended teaching-and-learning practices:

Private Law
lecturers, Latiefa Albertus, Carmel Van Niekerk and Musavengana Machaya have created weekly podcasts (audio-recordings) which reinforces learning concepts and topics discussed in lectures. Furthermore, students were able to access, download and listen to the recordings on their devices from any geographical location. Podcasts reinforced the following topics: Nasciturus Fiction, Presumption of death, Legal object – status and Minority.

Private Law
lecturer, Precious Ndlovu has incorporated eTutorials for third year Administrative Law (ADL) 311 students. The eTutorials entail a bank of questions, created in the ‘Tests & Quizzes’ eTool:

▪       Each tutorial was available online for a week; and students were able to complete a learning activity (30 minute time-frame).

▪       Students were able to submit the learning activity once.

▪       Students received their scores on the closing date of the assessment.

▪       The tutorial topics, included: Common law, administrative law, policy formation and PAJA.

Comparative Constitutional Law lecturers, Wessel Le Roux, Patricia Lenaghan and Yonatan Fessha developed an online collaborative module for the Winter School Programme. This environment enables UWC and Missouri University students to access and engage in the following activities from various geographical spaces. In addition, the lecturers were able to share resources in the various online sessions which included topics related to:Constitutional design in divided societies, Encountering the police, Albie Sachs on Oliver Tambo, Socio-economic rights and access to adequate housing, and the Dear Mandela’ documentary.

Contact the CIECT team to design and develop an interactive online environment; and related assessment tasks – which enhances and supports lectures and tutorial sessions.

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