Education Faculty: Future teachers think about assessment practices by making use of Peer Review eTool [Turnitin]

In May 2016, the CIECT team met with lecturer, Karen Collett to advise regarding the use of additional eTools within Turnitin (anti-plagiarism system). The CIECT team deliberated on aspects related to the monitoring and tracking of student submissions; and the functionalities; and pedagogical value of the GradeMark, Peer Review and Rubric eTools.

The lecturer, in collaboration with CIECT engaged in extensive planning, specifically with regards to the selection of the Peer Review eTool. In order to optimally use the Peer Review functionalities, the Tii Class and Assignment eTools had to be implemented. Furthermore, the students had to be familiarised with the set-up. Hence, four (4) training and support sessions were offered by CIECT facilitators.

Students were able to submit assignments. Thereafter each student (who submitted), received an anonymous student paper which they were required to review. The review process entailed the constructive feedback related to grammar, spelling, sentence structure; and relevant content/topic. The lecturer stated that this task prepares prospective Teachers to think about aspects related to assessment and feedback.

Please contact CIECT to discuss the effective use of Turnitin (Tii) in your teaching practice.

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