Earth Science: Online formative assessments to support lectures and tutorial sessions

The Earth Science Department contacted the CIECT team to advise regarding the use of eTools to support traditional learning and teaching practices. Thereafter, lecturer Yafah Hoosain met with CIECT team members to design and develop an interactive online environment, specifically for Earth Science 111.

Online assessment tasks were developed: three (3) online tests; ten (10) tutorials; and three (3) course evaluations.

Various question types were set-up, including: ‘Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), Fill-in-the-blanks, Matching and Survey’. Relevant graphics were embedded within the question banks. These question types (eTools) catered for the design of various assessment tasks:

3 Online Tests:
The plate boundary interaction: The student was expected to view a diagram and “match the letters to the relevant labels”.
The rock cycle: The student was expected to select the relevant answer, based on the provided images.
Bowen’s reaction series: The student was expected to select appropriate statements, as there was more than one correct answer.

10 Tutorials:
The tutorial tasks were set-up in the ‘Tests-and-Quizzes eTool’.
Each tutorial was available online for a week; and students were able to complete a learning activity (15 minute time-frame).
Students were able to submit the learning activity twice.
Students received immediate feedback, with regards to scores.
The tutorial topics, included: Metamorphism, Structural Geology, Introduction to Mineralogy, Geology of South Africa, and Sedimentary rocks.

3 Course Evaluations:
The lecturer required feedback from the students with regards to the content and assessments, making use of the survey type questionnaire. The questions entailed facets related to, and including:
Lecturer (facilitation, presentation, subject-matter expertise),
Course content, and
Furthermore, the lecturer was able to share these evaluation surveys with her co-lecturers who teach other themes/topics in this Module.

Contact the CIECT team to design and develop an interactive online environment; and assessment tasks – which enhances and supports your lectures and tutorial sessions.

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