EMS Faculty embraces blended learning to enhance student development

Lecturers within the EMS Faculty, across departments have created blended teaching-and-learning environments, in collaboration with the CIECT team.


NB: A number of 284 modules were created during the 2016 Academic year.

To-date (January – 19 April, 2017) – a number of 171 online modules have been created.


The online teaching-and-learning spaces are used effectively, to:

–  share learning resources (lecture slides, homework tasks, articles, etc.);
–  share interactive multimedia components (discipline specific videos, simulations and audio-recordings);
–  enable students to sign-up for tutorials;
–  communicate with students through sending announcements; and
–  create different assessments through reflective individual and group online tests.

The EMS Faculty lecturers have also been introduced to the use of Personal Learning Environments (PLEs) such as, digital stories, podcasts, presentations; and Google Applications (such as ePortfolio, Drive and Blogger). These eTools have been included in various modules across the departments to enhance the teaching practices and develop student learning.


Contact the CIECT team to discuss the design and development of ePortfolios.

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