Faculties enable students to create ePortfolios: Formative assessment and monitoring-and-tracking

The Centre for Innovative Education and Communication Technologies (CIECT) has observed and experienced an increasing demand for the design and development of ePortfolio’s for students across faculties, including Education, Arts, CHS and Science.

The CIECT team has conducted hands-on workshops and demonstrations for students to familiarise them with the application of eTools, specifically for the development of learning ePortfolio. In addition, lecturers in collaboration with the CIECT team have developed templates which allow the following activities, including: to design a specific interface and structure; generate a unique portfolio; and share and manage content. It should be noted that lecturers are able to share the structure via a link embedded within the online class list and track changes in real-time.
This pre-defined template enables students to:

– Access online ePortfolio site;

– Add profile information;

– Insert relevant images and videos;

– Insert relevant documents (tasks and essays) and links;

– Upload evidence related to exit level outcomes (ELOs); and

– Embed content related to discipline.


The ePortfolio is used for formative assessment purposes; and monitoring-and-tracking students’ development and competencies over a period of time. This also allows students to reflect on their progress and take ownership of their learning.

Contact the CIECT team to discuss the design and development of ePortfolios.


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