Education Faculty: Student Peer-Review eTool to develop academic writing

Lecturer Karen Collett, consulted the CIECT team in order to explore assessment and peer-review eTools. Following, CIECT advised with regards to a specific peer-review tool within the Turnitin (Tii) platform.

The ‘peer-review’ eTool promotes constructive student peer reviews. The lecturer proceeded to make use of the eTool for 3rd year Education students. These students were required to write individual pieces and submit within Tii. The platform randomly assigns submitted pieces to students for peer-review (anonymous selection).

NB: It should be noted that the lecturer and CIECT team member discussed the customisation of the peer-review eTool. For example:
– A student will only be able to peer-review, if he/she has submitted a written piece;
– A student who has peer-reviewed a piece, will automatically attain a mark towards their Continuous Assessment Mark/ CAM (allocated by the lecturer); and
– The lecturer is able to view the submissions (written piece and completed peer-review).

The purpose of the peer-review activity is to develop academic writing; gain experience with regards to constructive peer-reviews and self-directed learning. Dr Karen Collett has embarked on this pilot project, in collaboration with CIECT.

NB: It should be noted that the professional support staff member (CIECT) and the lecturer engaged in a series of one-on-one consultations, in order to:
– Select the appropriate eTool according to the need of the students (future teacher-educators);
– Discuss the pedagogical value of the functionalities;
– Train the subject matter expert (lecturer) to become familiar with the online environment; and
– Train the students to engage within the online environment.

Contact the CIECT team in advance to discuss the use of the peer-review eTool for your specific discipline and context.

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