Various Departments: Use of iKamva and Google Applications to support blended activities

Various Departmental Heads from Management, Nursing and Linguistics contacted the CIECT Instructional Design team to discuss alternative teaching and assessment methods. This has resulted in advisory discussions, whereby the CIECT team shared various blended learning activities and related pedagogical value (at different departmental meetings).

These discussions highlighted the benefits of various eTools, specifically within the institutional Learning Management System, iKamva. Exemplars of how lecturers (across disciplines) have made use of both communication and assessment tools within their teaching practice were showcased. These include, the effective use of:
– Discussion topics (asynchronous student communication, interactive engagement and assessment);
– Test and quizzes which enables students to engage via any geographical setting. The tests are timed, automatically graded and results are available immediately; and
– Assignments for submission of essays/academic written pieces.

In addition, the CIECT team also shared the benefits of Google Applications which enable students to develop and share assessment tasks with peers, tutors and lecturers. Lecturers from Social Work, Nursing, Pharmacy, Dietetics and Women and Gender studies have made use of the ePortfolio to illustrate and track student development against specific learning outcomes.

The creation of ePortfolios demonstrate the students’ competencies and skills linked to learning outcomes. Students are able to structure and embed content, text and digital components within the portfolios.

Please contact the CIECT Team to create your blended learning environments for your students.

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