EMS lecturer creates weekly quizzes: Contribution to CAM

Economic Management Sciences (EMS) lecturer, Abdullah Bayat has created a blended learning environment for the module, Operations Management.

It should be noted that the lecturer is focusing on online assessment tasks; specifically weekly quizzes in preparation for upcoming semester tests.

These quizzes entail different question types, namely:
– Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs); and
– True-and-False.

NB: The online weekly quizzes count for eight (8) percent of the Continuous Assessment Mark (CAM), as indicated in the course outline.

In addition, the lecturer has structured the blended learning environment to enable easy navigation and access to learning material, including:

– Lecture notes;
– Open-source textbooks;
– Video reflective diary resources;
– Tutorials;
– Web links to Operation Management websites; and
– Announcements.

Students are able to view and engage with the learning material via their mobile devices.
**Contact the CIECT Team to design a structured blended learning environment.

2 responses

  1. i posted a comment earlier regarding access to this material.
    however i made an error on the email .
    if access is possible as an ADM student, then please advise how one would would go about accessing this.
    many thanks
    Jo #3612397

    1. Hi Jo you will have to request access from the lecturer.

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