Dietetics and Nutrition Department Lecturers create blended learning environments

The Dietetics and Nutrition Department recently contacted the CIECT team to create eleven (11) Undergraduate modules within iKamva. The Head of Department, Dr. E. Kunneke was added to eight (8) of these modules to view activities and student engagement.

In addition, the HOD also requested that their Department’s eLearning champion, Jill Wilkinson, should be added to all of these modules in order to moderate staff and student engagements. Furthermore, the lecturers were encouraged to attend CIECT’s blended learning workshop.

The eLearning champion stated that “after attending introductory Ikamva training with the e-learning team (who continue to support us via email/telephone and links to great resources for self-directed learning) we have used Ikamva course sites to:

– Provide access to learning material in a manner that students are familiar
– Administer quizzes (saves paper, time and creates an archive of results)
– Create tutorials
– Distribute and upload assignments
– Ikamva provides the space to safely share course resources – including course notes, web content and other media which students can access at any time”.

She emphasised that: “increased exposure to the platform along with in-house brainstorming sessions about the development of online content will lead to improved skills and strategies for creating blended learning environments which enhance student engagement “.

Please contact the CIECT Team to create your blended learning environments

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