Nursing Lecturers create eAssessment activities within informal and formal online spaces

Lecturers from the Nursing Department have consulted with the CIECT team in order to plan in advance for various online assessment activities for term tests and the upcoming exam period. Continuous support is offered through email, telephonic and scheduled face-to-face consultations. These lecturers teach across the various year levels (first year to exit level).

Furthermore, a specific assessment workshop was conducted for Foundation lecturers on 16 August 2016 to highlight which question types would be suitable for specific learning needs.

In addition, lecturer Jeffrey Hoffman and colleagues are making use of the online discussion forum for assessment activities. Jeffrey has created online work groups for the 4th year Nursing students linked to specific class schedules. Students are required to engage and share their understandings of gender construct within groups. Prior to sharing around the gender construct, students are able to discuss in an informal manner, via a discussion topic. Hence, the students were able to reflect on specific topics within a ”safe space”. The lecturers are able to assess their contributions and provide feedback accordingly. This enables the lecturers to view students progress prior to submission of formal, coherent responses.

**Visit the CIECT Team to design your structured online environment; specifically to make use of eTools for assessment and communication purposes.

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