SRES lecturers make use of the ‘Lessons eTool’ – to design online environments

Seven (7) lecturers: Simone Titus, Ghaleelullah Achmat, Susan Bassett, Lloyd Leach, Gareth Smithdorf, Andre Travill, and Marie Young (Head of Department) – from the Department of Sport, Recreation and Exercise Science (SRES) – recently engaged with the CIECT team for training related to the ‘Lessons eTool’ (located within iKamva).

The CIECT team discussed the effective use of this eTool; and the benefits of planning and updating online lectures. Various online environments were showcased, in order for the academics to view a structure of content, embedded digital media components, discussion topics, assessments; and links to external resources. Hence, the importance of Instructional Design was emphasised.

The ‘Lessons eTool’ allows a lecturer to create a user-friendly environment, by consolidating an array of eTools (i.e. on one webpage). Thus, students are able to work within ‘a one-stop-shop’, which avoids the opening of too many browsers.

In addition, lecturers requested future training and support in relation to the creation of screencasts; and narrated PowerPoint presentations. These can be embedded within iKamva (especially in a case of possible institutional ‘shutdown’).

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