Dentistry lecturers (30) – engage in a ‘Blended Learning Workshop’

The Centre for Innovative Education and Communication Technologies (CIECT) team conducted a ‘Blended Learning Workshop’ for Dentistry lecturers, on 20th July 2016. During the workshop thirty (30) lecturers were able to engage in the following activities:

– structure online environments (discipline specific);
– setup and manage online groups;
– setup online assessment activities; and
– create a discussion forum and topics.

The workshop focused on blended learning approaches for student development. Hence, structured online environments support face-to-face lectures and tutorials (include practical sessions). Online groups promotes team/group work. The lecturers are able to attach specific readings and digital media components to group discussions. Furthermore online assessment activities were deliberated in relation to the selection of appropriated eAssessment tools; and the pedagogical value. For example, the Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) type can be set-up with various question banks – to assess specific skills, competencies and cognitive levels (within specific contexts).

Moreover, a discussion forum can include more than one topic (related to a specific theme). For example, a lecturer focusing on Restorative Dentistry is able to set-up a forum. Various themes can be identified and discussed within topics. In addition, relevant reading material and video clips can be embedded within discussion themes. Lecturers are also able to link content (within discussion topics) – to external video resources.

**The Deputy-Dean, Prof Parker has requested a follow-up workshop, specifically related to the creation of ePortfolios.

**Visit the CIECT Team to design your online environment; specifically to make use of eTools for communication and assessment purposes.

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