eTools Kit for Entrepreneurs: Collaboration with Centre for Entrepreneurship & Innovation (CEI)

The CIECT Team conceptualised, designed, developed and facilitated a Short Course, namely eTools Kit for Entrepreneurs (NQF Level 5).

Purpose Statement: The course is aimed at enabling the participants to design and create marketing material for a small business. Moreover the course will enable the participants to make use of various online and offline eTools to create, manage and procure.

Two cohorts have been successfully delivered: CIECT was approached by the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI) to roll-out the 1st cohort (2014), to a group of Entrepreneurs (vendors contracted to UWC). A 2nd cohort was facilitated, June 2015 (vendors with registered businesses).

Some feedback from participants, include:
– “I have learned a lot of new computer skills from the workshop, eg flyer, business cards, video. It will help expand and grow the business. These skills will also help me save money by doing the tasks myself instead of hiring someone to do it”.
– “The course was an eye opening one, when I came here I didn’t know how to do video editing and web design and market my biz online but now I know how to do all those things”.
– “The overall course is a contributor to Nation Building especially that we are struggling on the area of Knowledge Society. Management document resonates with the archiving of our day to day activities in a simply way. The facilitators were all very patient as a result most of us have shared off the fear of technology which at times is intimidating”.
– “Feel very empowered, now I will be able to create my own candidate database and be able to update my website. Now I know MS Excel better and I will be very creative with my presentation”.

Based on the positive impact of the two previous cohorts, we are pleased to announce that the CIECT team has been requested (by CEI) – to facilitate a 3rd cohort in July 2016.

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