Co-Curricular Recognition System: CIECT creates an instructional screencast

CIECT collaborated with the Student Development and Support (SDS) Unit, to create an ‘instructional screencast’ for the Co-Curricular Recognition System. Hence, the video will enable users (specifically, students) to access and navigate accordingly. The video provides clear instructions (visual and audio) related to:
– How to navigate the UWC site (access to the specific system); and
– How to apply co-curricular activities (to be added to their transcripts).

The CIECT Team (Materials Development) produced the screencast, making use of specific screen-recording software; a script and relevant graphics. The screencast will be placed online.

The SDS Unit announced the launch of the Co-Curricular Recognition System on the 5 May 2016, and highlighted the “platform for students to apply for official recognition of their co-curricular involvement, which include experiential learning and inhabiting certain attributes that facilitate the development and growth of students”.

NB: This mode of delivery (screencasting), can also be effectively used by academics to support their traditional teaching-and-learning practices.

Contact the CIECT Team to produce screencasts: (x2571);

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