Oral Health students engage in Pre-Clinical Online Assessment

Lecturer, Marcelle Cupido from the Dentistry Faculty engaged in consultative sessions with the CIECT Instructional designers to discuss eAssessment. The Instructional designers advised on the pedagogical value of the ‘Tests and Quizzes’ eTool within the iKamva platform; and guided the lecturer through the process of setting up and developing the online tests.

The Oral Health module, LOS 200 focuses on basic oral health sciences and seeks to assess the students’ understanding of specific concepts.
A number of 21 Dentistry students completed their Pre-Clinical Online Assessment, which included various question types related to their course material. Different question types included:

-Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs);
– Mix-and-Match; and
– True and False.

The students also needed to identify certain images and select the correct answer based on the visual illustration.

A required mark of 80% must be obtained by students in order to be allowed to conduct their practical examinations. Making use of the ‘Tests and Quizzes’ statistics feature, lecturers are able to retrieve box and whisker-, quantile- and frequency distribution- analyses. These features can provide a quick detailed overview of class performance.

Pleas contact the CIECT Team to advise on the creation of your online assessments.

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