Geography Department lecturer creates online tests to assist with Formative Assessment

Lecturer, Bradley Rink from the Department of Geography, Environmental Studies & Tourism created various online spaces for both his undergraduate and postgraduate modules.

These online environments were structured with related:
– content (‘manageable chunks’); and
– course resources.

Furthermore, the lecturer has designed an interactive environment. Hence, content has been ‘hyperlinked’ to other external resources, including relevant documents and web sites. An interactive environment enables the students to make use of resources to assist with their academic writing. For example, students are guided how to create assignments according to specific formats and referencing.

The lecturer also created an online test for his second year, GES 222: Population Geographies module. The online test was divided into three (3) parts, which included different categories and question types:
– Multiple choice questions,
– short answer essays,
– fill in the missing words, and
– identify the answer linked to a specific illustration (image).

The CIECT team assisted the lecturer with the setup and specific settings of the online test.

Bradley states: “I was really pleased with the percentage of students who wrote the test on the day (140 of 143 registered students). We never get such a high participation rate during paper-based testing. And, from what I can see thus far, the marks thus-far are as equally distributed as I would have expected from a paper-based test.”

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