‘Gradebook eTool’: Manage assessment grades and identify ‘at risk students’ (early detection)

The ‘Gradebook eTool’ within the institutional Learning Management System (LMS) iKamva, captures online assessment marks (grades). Hence, lecturers and tutors are able to store and distribute grade information to students online. For example:

– A student who has completed an online assessment activity, will receive a specific mark within the ‘Gradebook eTool’. In turn, if the student has engaged in many assessment activities, all marks will be stored in the student’s ‘Gradebook’. This is a ‘private’ student environment. Only the lecturer and tutor will be able to edit and view all assessment grades (for all students).
– Students are able to view their course grades once a lecturer has released the marks. They are able to ‘sort’ assessment grades by title, due date, and weighting.

NB: The lecturer is also able to identify ‘at risk students’ (early detection).
The ‘Gradebook eTool’ provides information (statistics) in various ways, including:
– an item summary for each course;
– item detail;
– all grade listing; and
– course grade listing.

NB: The results of all grades can be exported to Microsoft Excel, which can be uploaded to the Marks Administrative System (MAS).

Contact the CIECT Team to set-up your ‘Gradebook’ within iKamva.

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