Use of the ‘Sign-up’ eTool to manage and administer your Tutorial Groups

The‘Sign-up’ eTool within the Learning Management System (LMS), iKamva, can be used to set-up online Tutorial Groups. This eTool reduces, and can even replace excessive paper-based administration.

The‘Sign-up’ eTool can be used to set-up and schedule:
– Tutorial activities;
– Departmental Office consultations;
– Class (face-to-face)student presentations; and
– Meetings.

Lecturers are able to assign students to specific sessions; OR allow them to sign-up for their own session. If the session slots are full, the students can add themselves to a waiting list, until a specific slot becomes available.The system sends a notification via email to the student.

Lecturers within the EMS Faculty are increasingly making use of the ‘Sign-up’ eTool forTutorial sessions.
**63 EMS Lecturers engaged in a train-the-trainer workshop, January 2016, which also focused on the use and application of this specific tool. Since the workshop,more EMS lecturers have explored the functionalities of the eTool; specifically to administer online student groups/tutorials.

The CIECTDigital Academic Literacy (DAL) Programme facilitators have made use of the Sign-up eTool to manage the 3228 registered first year students (semester1). Students were able to sign-up for their classes to engage in the Programme.

Contact the CIECT Team to advise you on the use of the ‘Sign Up’ tool for your online environment.

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