EED Lecturers design a ‘Referencing booklet’ to assist students’ academic writing

A ‘Referencing booklet’ was produced by lecturers within the English Department (Academic Literacy Specialists in the EED Programme), in collaboration with the CIECT Team (Materials Development).

The lecturers identified a need for the guide, specifically for 1st year students. Mahmoud Patel states: “Referencing has proven to be challenging to students as is evident by the experience of English for Educational Development (EED) lectures from many years of working with our students across Faculties at UWC. It was also found that the very dense academic guide does not fulfil the access to the literacy practice of integrating and developing this vital tool in academic writing. The booklet also received excellent feedback from students themselves, and colleagues across Faculties inclusive of Arts”.

Furthermore, the lecturer highlighted that the idea of the Referencing booklet, is part of a series of booklets, including a ‘Tutoring booklet’ (initiated by Dr Bharuthram). Thereafter, EED colleagues conceptualised and co-authored the booklet.

The CIECT Team contributed to elements of design and development of a digital referencing resource.

**Lecturers are able to view a series of Self-Help Videos (screencasts) on our CIECT YouTube Channel, to assist with the creation of a basic online environment.

**You can also refer to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to assist you with some of the general queries related to access, student management, effective communication and assessment. Visit iKamva to view the question and answer list

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