EMS Tutor Coordinator creates an online space for tutors: #EMS Tutors 2016

The Economic and Management Sciences (EMS) Tutor Coordinator, Megan Bam has created an interactive online environment for the 2016 Faculty tutors across Departments.

Megan contacted the CIECT Instructional Design team to assist with the design and development of the online environment within the institutional Learning Management System (LMS), iKamva. The online environment, namely, (hashtag) “#EMS Tutors 2016”, is structured as a self-help resource guide.

Useful information and resources are shared with tutors which include tips on:

– how to prepare for tutorial lessons;
– manage students;
– what to do in an emergency; and
– familiarisation relate to administrative documentation.

General announcements are sent to all tutors to inform them of important topics. Hence, the online space enables them to interact with each other, as well as with the Tutor Coordinator and lecturers – as they prepare and plan for their respective lessons.

**Furthermore, Departmental tutor groups have been created, which allows communication related to a specific discipline.
PS: Lecturers are able to view a series of Self-Help Videos (screencasts) on our (CIECT) – YouTube Channel to assist you with the creation of a basic online environment.
URL: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLcNoCjyvgBPx0x-g-DVMmNlEgbac4nn2W

You can also refer to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to assist you with some of the general queries related to access, student management, effective communication and assessment. Visit iKamva to view the question and answer list
URL: https://ikamva.uwc.ac.za/#help

Contact the CIECT Team to set-up your interactive online environment.

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