Sixty-three (63) EMS lecturers attend interactive blended learning workshop

The EMS Deputy Dean of Teaching-and-Learning, Prof Cherrel Africa, contacted the CIECT Team (Instructional Designers) to assist EMS lecturers across Departments with the creation of their blended online environments.

The Instructional Designer was invited to attend the EMS Teaching-and-Learning meeting, whereby lecturers representing various Departments, were expected to share their current blended learning approaches (including the use of eTools within the institutional Learning Management System, iKamva). **Hence, three (2 hour) interactive eTools workshop sessions were conducted, 27-28 January 2016.

During these interactive sessions a number of 63 EMS lecturers created online environments (2016 academic modules). These included the creation of online assignments; the distribution of course resources; and the creation of asynchronous discussion topics.

Furthermore, lecturers were shown how to manage their online tutorial sessions. This process allows students to sign-up for a tutorial group (based on timetables). Thereafter, lecturers within the EMS Faculty proceeded to make use of this specific eTool to manage their online tutorials.

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