EMS Faculty & Registrar’s Office: Use of Just-in-time ‘self-help’ and marketing materia

The CIECT team, in collaboration with the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences (EMS) and the Registrar’s Office, created ‘just-in-time training’ and marketing material to assist students with orientation and registration.
The initial phases included conceptualisation meetings which included discussions related to design, development, production and modes of delivery.

1. The EMS Academic Development Department (Dr Venicia McGhie and team) engaged with the CIECT team to create Virtual Orientation Environment, distributed via CD-ROM; and available on the Faculty website (downloadable):
– Introductory video on campus life;
– Video message by the Dean (EMS);
– Information about the Faculty and its related Departments (discipline specific narrations and podcasts);
– Information related to UWC Professional Support Services;
– Photo galleries; and
– Contact details (including links to social media platforms related to the Faculty).

2. The Registrar’s Office requested the creation of screencasts to assist students to register online. This important resource helps users to navigate through the ‘self-help’ video; and register online from any geographical setting (with Internet connectivity).

The CIECT team (Materials Development) team had to engage in various processes, including: (i) recording the screencasts; (ii) adding narration and background music; (iii) editing of the final resource; and (iv) placed online in UWC’s YouTube Channel.

NB: Students receive sms notifications on their mobile phones with the relevant link to the online registration video.

Contact the CIECT team to create virtual environments; specifically the CIECT (Materials Development Team, 021 959 2571).

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