Quantitative assessment tools within iKamva

The Learning Management System (LMS), iKamva allows both lecturers and students to engage with quantitative questions for assessment and self-directed learning.

The ‘Calculated Question’ type can be selected as part of the Tests and Quizzes tool. It allows the user to define variables (x, y, and z) and given formulae. The LMS will assign a diverse set of values for the defined variables and calculates the correct answer constructed for the formulae provided. It should be noted that if a student re-submits the assessment numerous times, a new set of values will be computed by iKamva. Hence, the student will need to enter a different answer for a calculated question each time the assessment is taken.

The Numeric Response question type, enables users to insert formulae with numerals removed; and prompts students to fill in the missing numeral.
Answers can be set to accept:
– a range of values {10|12},
– scientific notations, {6.022e23}, and
– complex numbers {2 + 3i}.

It should be noted that these question types are automatically marked by the iKamva system. The questions can be randomised.

Contact the CIECT Team to set-up your eAssessment environment.

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