EMS and CHS lecturers plan in advance: eAssessment activities for 2016 academic year

Prof. Michelle Andipatin from the Psychology Department; and Mr Waseem Rinquest and Mr Garth van Rooyen (EMS Faculty) contacted the CIECT Instructional Designers to request eAssessment workshops. These requests were made subsequent to discussions, especially with regards to pedagogical value of the assessment tools.

Fifteen (15) lecturers (Psychology Department and EMS Faculty) attended interactive eAssessment workshops which were conducted on the 9th and 15th December 201, respectively. These workshops focused on the various assessment tools available within the Learning Management System (iKamva) and Personal Learning Environments (PLEs).

During the interactive hands-on workshops, lecturers were able to create various assessment types within iKamva, which included:
– short answer essays,
– grade book,
– assignments (online and uploadable), and
– tests and quizzes.

Furthermore, the CIECT team also demonstrated different examples of PLEs which can be used to design and develop teaching material for online delivery. These included:
– vodcast,
– podcast,
– narrated powerpoint,
– screen casts, and
– digital stories.

During the workshops, both lecturers and facilitators discussed the pedagogical value for these eTools and how it can benefit the students’ learning processes.
**Furthermore, these lecturers are aware that planning in advance is crucial, prior to delivery in 2016.

**It should be noted that online assessments should be used to compliment other formative and summative assessment types throughout the academic year.

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