CHS Faculty: 703 Final year students continue with online examinations (week of 23 Nov – 01 Dec 2015)

Students within the CHS Faculty continued to engage and complete online exams within iKamva, specifically during the week of, 23 November- 01 December 2015.

The CIECT Team (Instructional Designers), in collaboration with lecturers (Barry Andrews, Marie Young, Warren Lucas, Anita Padmanabhanunni, Shazly Savahl, Kamal Kamaloodien and Anna-Marie Beytell) – deliberated on the selection and application of the specific eAssessment tools for their final year students. This critical support included face-to-face meetings, telephonic and email support.

It should be noted that in total 703 students from the Psychology, Sport Sciences and Social Work Departments successfully engaged in online exams, which included Multiple Choice and Short Answer question types. Students were able to access and complete the exams from different geographical locations both on (using the lab facilities) and off-campus.

NB: It should be noted that these exams complimented other formative and summative assessment types throughout the academic year.

“A key point of note … is that it is the learning and assessment design that is the driver for change rather than the technology” (Nicol, 2007). “Improving the quality of the student learning experience is a key issue in the higher education sector, and it has been widely recognised that e-assessment can contribute to this” (Dermo, 2009). “Looking at the feedback from … students, we can conclude that on the whole they are ready and willing to take part in e-assessment as part of their university studies” (ibid).

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