CHS Faculty Students: Online Exams during week, 16 – 20 November 2015

CHS Faculty students engaged and completed online exams within iKamva, specifically during the week of, 16 – 20 November 2015.

The CIECT Team (Instructional Designer), in collaboration with the lecturers (Maria Florence, Juliana Willemse, Melitah Selenga, Susan Bassett) – deliberated on the selection and application of the specific eAssessment tools. Support by the Instructional Designer also included the creation and development of the online exams.

This critical support entailed online and offline communication, including: face-to-face meetings (off-campus venues); and telephonic and email support.

It should be noted that 735 students from the Psychology, Nursing and Sport Sciences Departments successfully engaged in online exams, which included various question types:

·         Multiple Choice – single and multiple correct
·         Matching
·         Fill-in-the blank
·         Short-answer questions

Furthermore, it should be noted that these exams complimented other formative and summative assessment types throughout the academic year.

As Vonderwell, Liang, and Alderman (2007) indicated, assessment (whether formative or summative) in online learning contexts encompasses distinct characteristics as compared to face-to-face contexts particularly due to the asynchronous nature of interactivity among the online participants (the teacher and learners). Therefore, it requires educators to rethink online pedagogy in order to achieve effective formative assessment strategies that can support meaningful (higher-order or deep) learning and its assessment (Gikani et al., 2011).

Contact the CIECT Team to set-up your eAssessment environment.

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