Community Engagement Unit (UWC) & Missouri: Collaborative Environment (Short-Course)

Professor Priscilla Daniels and Community Engagement Unit (CEU) team approached the CIECT team, in order to design and develop an online environment for the “Transformation Leadership towards Sustainable Community Wellbeing” – short course.

The CIECT team engaged in conceptualisation meetings with the CEU team, which entailed the effective use of various eTools; and the provision of an instructional strategy (alignment of outcomes, assessment activities, content, and eTools). Furthermore, the CIECT team assisted with the design and development of the online environment. This online short-course offering consists of 2 modules and related sub-themes. In addition, various learning resources were embedded and shared with the UWC students; and University of Missouri lecturers.

The online modules include topics related to: the “Introducing Leadership Types, Styles & Qualities for Transformation of Community Wellbeing by understanding and applying the various leadership principles”; and “Sustainable Community Development Process for Improved Wellbeing by integrating various approaches and styles”.

It should be noted that the UWC students also received training on the iKamva platform in order to: access; navigate; and engage within the online environment. The students were able to submit weekly reflective journals in relation to their community engagement activities.

**On Friday, 16 October 2015, the Missouri students had an opportunity to present their fieldwork experiences (at UWC); especially how their engagement in the various communities will contribute to a Community of Practice (COP).

The CEU team will reflect on the pilot phase (project findings); especially how this will define future online collaboration with the University of Missouri.

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