Evaluating 3rd year WGS student writing: Use of the ‘GradeMark’ function (Tii)

Women and Gender Studies (WGS) lecturers, Lindsay Clowes and Sisa Ngabaza, have been making use of the Turnitin (Tii) platform to evaluate student writing and progress.

A collaborative assessment approach is applied through the use of the ‘GradeMark’ function. The lecturers provide feedback and comments, aligned to a specific rubric, which includes elements such as: punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, synthesis, application of relevant literature, and referencing styles. A voice note can be added to the feedback/comments.

The lecturers highlighted that this collaborative assessment method saves them time. The use of the ‘GradeMark’ functionality in Tii, enables them to spend less time with administration. In turn, they are able to focus more on the provision of constructive feedback; and student participation within the face-to-face classes.

Furthermore, this collaborative assessment method ensures that the lecturers remain consistent in relation to student grading, as the rubric template guides assessment processes.

Lindsay and Sisa presented at our 8th Annual eLearning Colloquium, 2015. Click on the link to view the presentation: http://tinyurl.com/p9edgsw

**Contact the CIECT team to make effective use of the Tii platform:Create classrooms and add students;
– Submit assignments online;
– Review similarity index reports; and
– Apply ‘GradeMark’ functionality for assessment purposes.

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