iKamva not a ‘dumping site’: EMS Lecturer creates effective blended design

The CIECT team continuously advocates the effective use and application of eTools (within the iKamva platform). Thus iKamva is not a mere ‘dumping site’; and will not replace critical face-to-face interaction in order to deal with threshold concepts.

Hence, blended teaching-and-learning approaches are strengthened through interactive online environment and essential contact sessions (via tutorials, lectures and practicals).

The following example demonstrates how lecturer Carly Steyn, EMS Faculty, makes use of dynamic group exercises to actively engage her part-time Management students via specific concepts and assessment activities. These blended learning-and-teaching practices include, familiarisation sessions whereby the first ninety minutes of a face-to-face lecture is dedicated to a practical group activity, related to theory and praxis.

This approach is further extended to a face-to-face discussion debriefing session, whereby the students are expected to engage and reflect with regards to specific concepts and topics.

It should be noted that prior to these critical face-to-face contact sessions, the lecturer makes effective use of iKamva via the announcement tool; dissemination of relevant lecture slides; readings and digital media components (in this case YouTube videos and TED Talks).

Hence, the lecturer’s teaching method goes beyond the mere dumping of content within the online environment. It should be noted that blended learning engagements and approaches are currently adopted and implemented across Departments (all Faculties).

Contact the CIECT team to design and develop a blended teaching-and-learning environment, to enhance your current practices.

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