CIECT offers integrated support for the diverse needs of UWC users

“There has to be a dedicated ongoing attention to building and sustaining a learning environment where all students are able to engage in their academic studies with a growing sense of relevance and obtain the highest level of knowledge and skills that they can use as a basis for filling their future roles in society and becoming lifelong learners” (IOP Green Paper, Goal Area 1: Student Experience, page 8).

CIECT offers an integrated support structure for both students and lecturers with regards to the effective use of eTools for teaching-and-learning purposes. In its efforts to accommodate the diverse needs of users especially the differently-abled, various eTools training workshops are conducted for lecturers and students. Lecturers are able to create interactive learning material for their students making use of offline (stand-alone) eTools to create, podcasts, narrated powerpoints, digital stories and screencasts (with sub-titles). These interactive learning materials appeal to the differently-abled students which include the blind, partially sighted, deaf and the hearing impaired.

The iKamva Platform can be accessed with the use of the JAWS software package which allows for the reading of the materials displayed on the screen. The software also allows the screen to be enlarged for partially sighted users.

“It is important to enhance learning as an intellectual experience through the provision of a meaningful and transformative co-curriculum, responsive to the diverse needs of students and able to enhance their engagement with the learning experience is a key focus in UWC’s strategic intentions” (IOP Green Paper, Goal Area 1: Student Experience, page 9).

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