iKamva enables Internationalisation: SOPH expands its ‘Reach’

Lecturers from the School of Public Health (SOPH) contacted the CIECT team to assist with the creation of interactive online teaching-and-learning environments. CIECT’s continuous advocacy for the effective use and application of eTools encouraged the SOPH lecturers to make use of the iKamva platform to infuse ICTs into their teaching practice.

The Lecturers and Administrators (Hazel Bradley, Ziyanda Mwanda, Nikki Schaay, Nondumiso Ncube, Helene Schneider) approached CIECT to advise, design and develop online environments which enabled them “expand their global reach”, and engage effectively with Health Professional Managers across Africa.

These interactive environments enable students to engage in diverse group activities; critique learning material; and peer-review assessment activities.

**An online Masters Programme was structured according to eleven (11) topics whereby working-adult professionals were able to pace their learning, interact with peers and facilitators, and share related content. Lecturers are also able to communicate directly with students and share updates in real-time (chat tool); as well as asynchronously through discussion forums.

It should be noted that within this structured, scaffolded environment, the students were familiarised with the blog tool to introduce themselves, and share pictures of their actual communities (including working environments). This engagement progressed to a deeper learning approach whereby students engaged in activities of critique of specific learning material. In addition, the students were expected to submit individual assignments, reflective of theoretical and practical application.

These online environments created within iKamva enables the internationalisation of teaching-and-learning.

Contact the CIECT team to create your interactive environment.

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