First Year Dentistry Oral Hygiene students: Creates Digital Story for Group Assignment

Digital stories allow students to take a linear series of events and turn them into a multidimensional experience through a combination of voice, text, images and audio. (, 2014)

This was the ultimate goal lecturer, Lesley Vorster had in mind when she created an assignment whereby the Oral Hygiene First Year students were requested to create a digital story for their group assignment.  The group assignment outcomes were aligned to enable students to:

· Practice communication skills [using technology];
· Practice research and planning skills;
· Engage within a group [delegation, co-ordination]; and
· Become proficient related to a specific area of work.

The first year Dentistry students were trained by the CIECT team on the creation of a digital photostory and its related processes on the 23rd July and 6th August 2015. These processes included the design of a storyboard, import of selected images, adding titles and transitions, adding audio to images,import related soundtrack and export of digital story. Students were trained during the first session and further assisted and advised by the CIECT team during the second session.

The students were also provided with a structured rubric to assist them with the design and relevant outcomes of the assignment.  They were marked on the following: their unique point of view; accuracy of content; voice consistency; images used; etc.  The students presented this group assignment on the 26th August 2015.

“Digital storytelling can thus facilitate a constructivist approach for teaching and learning. It can be a helpful educational tool, as it provides a vehicle for combining digital media with innovative teaching and learning practices. Apart from building on learners’ technology skills, digital storytelling encourages additional educational outcomes (Dakich, 2008)”.

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