Social Work: Use of siteMaestro to manage an ePortfolio template (large class)

Social Work lecturer, Sandra Bredell consulted with the CIECT team regarding the use of the siteMaestro eTool, aligned to the design and development of an ePortfolio student template.

This siteMaestro eTool allows the lecturer to copy (bulk), share and manage an ePortfolio template. Additionally, the template is aligned to an online class-list. Hence, the lecturer is able to share the template (ePortfolio) via a link embedded within the online class-list.

This process enables effective time-management, as the lecturer spends less time with administrative tasks (including, locating and retrieving student emails; and related content for large groups of students). Moreover, the lecturer has more time to collaborate and reflect on the learning content and student development.

Lecturer, Sandra has already implemented the use of siteMaestro for the 2nd year Social Work students. Thus, these students have experienced the distribution of an ePortfolio template, prior to the examination period (June 2015). This enabled the students to:
§ focus more on the course content, rather than eTools; and
§ focus more effectively on collaboration and communication with the lecturer regarding challenging concepts.

“With the proliferation of portfolios in higher education, it is important for educators and other stakeholders to understand the perspective of the primary users of portfolios, the students. Portfolios are student-centred devices and the ways students view, use and implement portfolios are revealing elements to aid educators in the successful implementation of portfolios systems in their learning environment” (Lorenzo and Ittelson, 2005).

Contact the CIECT team to create your ePortfolio template aligned to siteMaestro.

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