‘Towards the Professionalisation of Teaching and Learning’ Programme

CIECT collaborated with the Directorate: Teaching and Learning and a team of lecturers, regarding the delivery of a Programme, namely, Towards the Professionalisation of Teaching and Learning. Lecturers from across Faculties (and disciplines) were selected by their Deans to engage in the first programme, consisting of 13 weekly topics. These included topics related to reflexive practice, technology-enhanced learning, and the evaluation of teaching, quality and standards.

During the planning phase, the Director: Teaching-and-Learning, facilitators, and Teaching-and-Learning Specialists were informed about the importance of an eTools ‘familiarisation and socialisation phase’, whereby critical stages of activities related to “access and motivation” in an online environment, influences student learning processes (Salmon, 2000). Hence, the facilitators and respective lecturers engaged in a critical eTools workshop, at the start of the Programme.

CIECT also proposed and showcased an eTool (platform) for the creation of an ePortfolio, as the participants were expected to submit a portfolio (summative assessment task reflective of an accumulation of all tasks). Following, the selected lecturers engaged in an eTools workshop, which included aspects of design, structure, eLearning models, student development, and effective online teaching and learning. They were introduced to the use of Cloud Computing eTools to support teaching and learning activities:
– Create a Google Survey
– Create an interactive document sharing environment
– Create an ePortfolio
– Access online environments via various modes of delivery

Based on the feedback received from the respective lecturers appreciated the interactive, hands-on eTools sessions. The lecturers also contacted the CIECT team after the scheduled sessions, to assist them with the completion of their ePortfolios.

“ICTs should…be useful in enhancing teaching and learning and university teachers should be on the fore of embracing ICTs in teaching and learning. Computers and other mobile devises as well as social network platforms are the tools that should be utilised to enhance and revolutionise teaching and learning” (Maphosa & Mudzielwana, 2014).

“The concept of the e-portfolio is known everywhere, and the need how to learn from it and how to integrate the e-portfolio in education systems is a major challenge for […] education institutions everywhere. As is the matter how to motivate the teachers. […]. The objective is to guide and counsel […] teachers to develop an own e-portfolio, an activity which may serve as the basis and the inspiration for an applied learning strategy to further their own professional growth” (Jans and Awouters, 2008).

In July 2015, the CIECT team will deliver the eTools workshop, as part of the “Towards the Professionalisation of Teaching and Learning” Programme (for the 2nd cohort of UWC lecturers).

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