CIECT: Key role in support and training for lecturers engaged in CHEC Course

The CIECT team offers support to lecturers who are engaged in the ‘Emerging Technologies for Improving Teaching and Learning’ Course (offered by The Cape Higher Education Consortium, CHEC). “This course provides a unique opportunity for academics from the four HEIs in the Western Cape an experience of how technologies can be used to enhance your own teaching and learning in higher education” (CHEC).

The CIECT team supports these lecturers with the design and development of their online portfolios. This support includes aspects related to structure, embedding of content (text and digital media), links to relevant resources, alignment of evidence-based learning experiences, and selection of relevant eTools (in this case, including ePortfolio platforms).

The CIECT team assists the lecturers to create a well-structured ePortfolio, reflecting teaching experiences, current projects, research publications and evidence-based blended teaching practices. This Life-Long Learning ePortfolio can be edited, reviewed and shared (internally and globally).

“[I]n the process of creating e-portfolios, lecturers’ reflection on teaching and learning provide opportunities to develop technical competencies along with changing their instructional practices” (Walcott and Grant, 2006).
“ePortfolios prompt learning in the context of a learning community and can help to foster reflection” (Walcott and Grant, 2006).

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