Science Teaching-and-Learning Specialist: CIECT plays role of advocacy, training and suppor

Teaching-and-Learning Specialist, Dr. Rita Kizito from the Faculty of Science has built a longstanding relationship of trust with CIECT over the last few years. She has approached the CIECT team on numerous occasions for advice on the use and implementation of eTools for teaching-and-learning purposes.

Collaborations between CIECT and Rita started in 2013, and included:
– The creation of an online programme, namely ‘Faculty of Science Teaching Assistants Development Programme’ (FSTADP), designed and developed for Science teaching assistants.
– The design and development of a database for the Extended Curriculum Programme by CIECT, in consultation with Dr Kizito.

The CIECT team has blogged regarding these teaching and learning interventions: (i) “Infusion of ICTs: Science TA Programme” (; and (ii) “Science Faculty: Database creation using Doctopus for Extended Curriculum Programme” (

It should be noted that these interventions, include extensive planning sessions, including: a conceptualisation meeting to discuss ideas; planning workshops regarding the implementation phases; and numerous one-on-one consultations (training and support) with the Teaching and Learning Specialist on the effective use of the eTools.

These steps formed the foundation for the longstanding and productive working relationship between Dr. Rita Kizito and CIECT. The CIECT team would like to encourage and invite other Faculty Teaching-and-Learning Specialists to work closely with the team regarding the infusion of ICTs for teaching-and-learning.

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