eAssessment: External Collaboration (MRC) Online Exam

The South African Medical Research Council (MRC) approached the CIECT team (through Professor Ramesh Bharuthram) for the design and development of an online portal (iKamva/Sakai) to deliver a joint programme. The instructional designers advised the subject matter experts regarding the use of the specific eTools for assessment purposes. Furthermore, prior to the release of the environment, a critical test (trial) phase was conducted with the subject-matter experts, the Instructional Designer, faculty members and selected students.

The Introduction to the Principles and Practices of Clinical Research (IPPCR) Course is a joint initiative (educational partnership) between the South African Medical Research Council (MRC) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Clinical Center, USA.

The portal (hosted on iKamva/Sakai) was used to share resources which included:

– Faculty members Bio information;
– Book chapters; and
– Presentations

Furthermore, the portal was used to deliver an online exam which was successfully delivered on Saturday, 16 May 2015 at UWC, Faculty of Science. Approximately 74 participants engaged within the online exam within a secure test environment. The exam questions and answers were set up and randomised. The CIECT team supported and invigilated during the online exam. Faculty members were also present to give guidance regarding the specific content. The results were exported and assessed by the programme coordinators and participants, who achieved the required results received a Certificate of Competence. The participants also completed an online course evaluation, which was embedded in the online environment in iKamva.

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