Chemistry online test: 700 students engage in eAssessment environment

Lecturer, Karen Wallace of the Chemistry Department setup an online test to assess students’ knowledge on how to apply skills within a practical lab environment. Approximately 700 students completed the online test, asynchronously (over a period of two weeks). It should be noted that the test, which consisted of a range of Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs), was conducted in a secure, lab environment with dedicated invigilators.

The lecturer consulted with the CIECT team regarding the structure of the eAssessment environment, as various mathematical and chemical calculations had to be illustrated. The Instructional Designer (CIECT) also advised regarding the use of digital media in order to effectively illustrate these calculations.

“Using online quizzes and interactive multimedia can allow learners to engage with material, maintain their motivation, create new knowledge and facilitate comprehension” (Stephenson, 2008). “The multiple-choice test is a staple of higher education because it provides an efficient and effective measure of student learning” (McKeachie in Butler et al., 2008).

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