Art Faculty: Exponential growth and use of emerging technologies

Arts Faculty lecturers across the eleven (11) Departments have created online environments within the institutional Learning Management System (LMS) iKamva/Sakai. A number of 140 online modules have been created during the first term of the academic calendar, 2015.

The exponential growth and use of emerging technologies (accessible to students from any geographical space) is aligned to the continuous training and support interventions; and one-on-one consultations by the CIECT team. Moreover, the lecturers across Departments voluntarily request assistance, indicative of their efforts and changing teaching and learning practices.

CIECT’s interventions enable lecturers to become familiar with various content, communication and assessment eTools for active online engagement; as well as for the management and delivery of learning content and resources to students.

Furthermore the Arts Faculty lecturers have also been introduced to the use of Personal Learning Environments (such as, digital stories, podcasts, narrated presentations); and Google Applications (such as ePortfolio, Drive and Blogger). It should be noted that lecturers integrate these PLEs and Google Applications into their iKamva environments.

**It should be noted that during the migration process (i.e. from the eTeaching platform to iKamva), a number of online modules have been designed and developed:

2012- 2013 – 9 modules (pilot project, Nov 2012)
2014- 149 modules
2015 – 140 modules (current)

“Learners perceive and process information in different ways (e.g. visual, auditory, kinaesthetic and tactile). Consequently, effective learning is promoted when instructors provide diverse teaching environments to accommodate this” (Stephenson, 2008).

** Please view CIECT training and support interventions for 2015 at the following link:
** Bookings should be done via the iEnabler platform, 2 days prior to the workshop.

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