School of Public Health (SOPH) lecturer, Nikki Schaay, created an interactive online environment

School of Public Health (SOPH) lecturer, Nikki Schaay, created an interactive online environment, allowing students to “work through course material at a self-study pace guided by a study schedule”. The module focuses on “Health and Development and the history and value of a Primary Health Care (PHC) approach”.

Students are provided with online course resources which include:

A module guide;


Additional readings;

Study schedule;

Multimedia components (images and videos) and;

General resources.

Students are also expected to submit their formal assignments within the ‘online assignment tool‘. Furthermore the students are able to contribute and share within online group discussions. A blog tool is also used for student engagement.

It should be noted that these eTools are accessed via various devices (mobile and stand-alone).

“We are embedded in the information age and students spend their lives surrounded by technology and therefore it is of importance to recognise the nature and needs of today’s students and create a ‘student-centred learning environment’. Peer-to-peer interaction is a key feature in the use of pedagogical principles and allows for social constructive collaborative learning” (Stephenson, 2008).

“The combined interactivity and asynchronous nature of computer-mediated communication (CMC) should encourage students to reflect on their own perspectives […], express their ideas, and learn from the content of the interaction itself” (Hara, Bonk & Angeli, 2000).

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