EED: Online group activities using Blogger

Lecturer, Susan Ntete (English for Educational Development, EED) requested blogger training for her students. The students were tasked to post and comment to their group blog environment after reading a text on ‘The problem with Google+: Implications for Social Workers’ (posted by a US-based Social Work student).

They had to base their responses reflecting on the following questions:
– “Whether or not you can relate to the given topic (i.e. are you familiar with Google+? How do you think this is likely to impact you in your future role as a Social Worker who is not a ‘digital native’?);
– “the extent to which you agree and/or disagree with the points raised herein; the relevance or lack thereof of the given topic to your own context (SA);
– “which of the outlined ‘discoveries’ about Google+ you consider to be the most troubling and why; and
– “what role you think South African social workers could play in the given scenario, etc.

The CIECT team facilitated a workshop which enabled the students to: (i) setup a group blog; (ii) write a post; (iii) embed multimedia elements (images, youtube video); and (iv) comment on each other’s post.

Research highlights the benefits of creating online group spaces for students.

“Much of the pedagogic use of blogging is grounded in Vygotsky’s theory (Ferdig, 2004). Through social interactions mediated by language (but not restricted to language), edublogs offer students the opportunity to surface their ideas in a social plane. The ability to comment on these ideas enables individuals to participate in social construction of knowledge and meaning making. Blogging then supports the internalisation of knowledge by allowing students to look back at their archived posts and reflect on what they have written and the comments provided by their peers or teacher.” (Huann, John, Yuen, 2005)

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